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Avail yourself to some timely scriptural articles in the new issue of Outstanding Woman Magazine. Secure your copy Today!!! Available at selected newsagents or request yours by email at info@outstandingwoman.org

Outstanding Woman Magazine

erves to inspire, mentor and motivate women; awakening to the consciousness of their potential. It is a forum of expression touching the daily lives of both inspired and aspiring women. It furnishes a wide spectrum of issues from family, career, finance, beauty, fashion, health to issues of spiritual growth, personal / social integration and psychology.

Discover Yourself


We aim to rediscover womanhood; to reach the hearts of aspiring women seeking meaning in life. We seek out thousands of obscure talents stowed away in stacks of unfulfilled dreams.


We initiate a holistic approach to addressing pressing issues directly affecting women today. Drawing from real life experiences, OWM approaches every issue from a moral viewpoint. We feature inspiring examples of women, focussing more on growth patterns to achievement. Therefore we challenge women all over the world to a richer, fuller and inspiring life.


In our view, the well patterned application of spiritual and moral principles charts the course to recovery. OWM thus furnishes a much desired forum where women from all walks of life can situate themselves in the highest summit of personal fulfillment in all facets of life-family, career, ministry, etc

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