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Avail yourself to some timely scriptural articles in the new issue of Outstanding Woman Magazine. Secure your copy Today!!! Available at selected newsagents or request yours by email at info@outstandingwoman.org


If you are seeking diverse multi-cultural women, we suggest your company place a specific recruitment advertisement aimed at professionals you would like to attract.  

When placing a recruitment advertisement with us we provide you with a free Resume Service.  This service matches your current job opening with our thousands of resumes and we forward those candidates to you. So besides getting a response directly from those reading the magazine and applying to you directly, you will also get a response from our Online Resource Center.

In addition to ensure your response we also provide you with a free Corporate Logo Link.  This link with attract the cyber readers.  By placing your print recruitment ad with us you will get both the land readers as well as the cyber/online readers and will get the right candidate.

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