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Avail yourself to some timely scriptural articles in the new issue of Outstanding Woman Magazine. Secure your copy Today!!! Available at selected newsagents or request yours by email at info@outstandingwoman.org

Our Vision

OutstandingWoman Magazine was formed to;


Inspire, Mentor, Motivate Women to Rise up to their God Given Assignment
Bring you Rich Biblical Precepts that add Value to Daily Life
Enhance Relationship
Challenge Women to Discover to Recover themselves
Know and Taking Her place and Make A Difference in such a Time as This.




The magazine will provide news, varieties of articles, inspiration column, topics on women issues, family, fashion, beauty and health and relevant information about women.

The first issue will be published in Manchester, out by July 2009.

Outstanding Woman Magazine is an international magazine which impact subscribers in UK, USA, Europe, Africa and other Continent of the world.

Outstanding Woman magazine is available in hard copy by subscription and retail sales. Product and services offered in the market place such as local community, book stores worldwide or/and order online.

Outstanding W oman Magazine will aim to inspire, educate, motivate, mentor and teach women to discover and recover the reason why they are born and living life to the max.  

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"absolutely exciting experience a must have."

-- John Drock, UK

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